With a little exaggeration one can say that our repertoire covers music of ten centuries. It includes work of art from past epochs, sacred and secular music and most importantly contemporary music. The essential part comprises work by composers from mid 20th century onwards as well as composers of the new millennium. Many pieces of these authors were performed by the choir in their world premiere, some were dedicated to the choir:

  • Petr Eben – Chrámová (věnováno Krajině zpěvu a Letenské voničce)
  • Václav Felix – Děti a motýli
  • Ilja Hurník – O smutné princezně
  • Ilja Hurník – Souboj
  • Zdeněk Lukáš – V horách
  • Jiří Matys – Červená se muchomůrka
  • Věroslav Neumann – Barevné děti
  • Věroslav Neumann – Lívance a foxteriéři
  • Věroslav Neumann – Růžové děti
  • Jaroslav Smolka – Motýlí blues
  • Miroslav Raichl – Písničky bez deštníku
  • Miroslav Raichl – Veselé minizoo

Summing up all music pieces the choir has ever publicly performed, we make it roughly to number 1700.

Samples from our repertoire can viewed on our YouTube channel.