Motýli Šumperk


The children's choir Motýli was founded in the fall 1962 by a music school teacher from Šumperk, Mr. Alois Motýl. His son Tomáš Motýl carried on with his father's work and directed the choir for almost another thirty years until 2017. Rather small in its beginning, the choir soon ranked among the nation's most respected choral ensembles. In the course of its more than 55-year-long activity, it developed into a choral school of nearly 300 singers. Despite its location outside large cultural hotspots, it has long been a well-known and coveted choral ensemble both at home and abroad. Its history involves several remarkable moments.

For the past years, over 2000 singers became part of the choir and toured almost all countries in Europe. The choir developed ties with radio and television and made records and CDs. A host of renowned household names in professional music performed with the choir. The choir functions as a regional methodical center and as such it annually hosts the Golden Lyre Festival dedicated to children's choral ensembles of Šumperk and its vicinity. The concert choir Motýli Šumperk is a regular and successful participant in notable national and international festivals and competitions. It collaborates with many children's choirs, happily invites them to Šumperk and goes to visit them in return. The choir is a part of the Center for Leisure Time Doris Šumperk.

Throughout its existence the singing itself has been put in balance with the focus on friendly environment and relations among children as well as adults. Solidarity, sound friendship and common goal of the choir children have become ever more apparent in the mode of their performance. That is plainly voiced in the captivating ambience of the choir's performances and concerts. The children's choir Motýli Šumperk is presently directed by Helena Stojaníková.